What are the differences between traditional marketing and digital marketing?

Traditional marketing is dead

Let me ask you a question.

When was the last time you watched an ad on TV?

Better yet when was the last time you even watched TV?

Unless you’re living at a retirement home i’m guessing your answer was “I can’t remember”. That’s because times have changed. Shockingly most marketing agencies haven’t.

To think that billions of dollars is spent on TV ads every year is totally mind boggling.

Here’s another question for you. When was the last time you watched an ad on YouTube?

I’m guessing you are probably like most of us who click frantically on the ‘skip’ button so you can get to the content you actually wanted. Am I right?

So why do companies spend millions of dollars on YouTube ads?

Most companies need a severe wake up call. Someone needs to tell them it’s not 2004 anymore.

Our generation has zero tolerance for blatant advertising.

We have become immune to being sold to.

We have the power to choose what we consume and that means you can no longer make me watch your pathetic ads. So stop wasting your precious money trying to sell me and entertain me instead!

-Stories Killed the Advertising Star-

If I ever want to get my kids to sit down and be quiet all I need to do is tell them a story (or place them in front of an ipad). Here’s a little secret… we never grow too old to listen to stories. The child in us is still captured by stories.

The most powerful influencers are great storytellers.

That’s the foundation stone to everything in this book.

A great storyteller holds the key to capture any audience of any size.

Telling stories is the most powerful way to communicate. It’s hypnotic and you can wrap any message you like within your stories. It’s a sneaky little trick :)

You see, the first secret top influencers know that everyone else doesn’t is that products don’t sell, stories do.

The making of a great story

Every great story has to have a hero and a villain. Sometimes the hero and the villain can be the same person. For example, the villain can be the negative thoughts you have that hold you back from getting what you want. The villain can be an obstacle that stands in your way from achieving your desired outcome.

The hero always needs to start off as the underdog. As the story unfolds they must struggle and seemingly ‘fail’. The audience becomes emotionally involved and are rooting for the hero to make it through. The hero eventually prevails against all the odds and by the end of the story the audience is on its feet sharing in the hero’s victory.

The influencer becomes the hero in the story and the villain is all the struggles the influencer has to overcome on their journey to success.

Stories go straight to the heart and if you know anything about marketing it’s that people buy with their heart not their head.

So stop selling to their head and start talking to their heart.

Speak to their mind and you will lose their attention, touch their souls and you will have gained a fan for life.

Stories are how souls communicate. It’s the most powerful language you can ever learn.


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