Deepak Sharma

crossdomain and phpFlickr and Flash! Oh My!

Hello Everyone, I am the php and flash developer for this account and recently tried to connect flickr with a 3D component so we can have a cooler flash viewer but ran into the crossdomain security issue with the flash player. Our viewer loads and gets each image path through an XML file, which is created using phpFlickr, but a path of "http://farm{farm-id}{server-id}/{id}_{secret}" does not work because farm# does not seem to have a crossdomain.xml file like the api address. The only solution I have right now is to go through a proxy, "proxy.php?flickr_url=http://farm{farm-id}{server-id}/{id}_{secret}", but that is pretty slow. Take a look: The component is only trying to load the smallest image (75x75) but it take like 1 minute to load 16 of them. Has anyone ran into this? Does anyone know how I can access my photos directly without using a proxy?

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